This is Us

Kristin and Josh Mohagen, founders of Terroir Chocolate
We believe in the power of chocolate to transport.
We blend the places and flavors of the journey
from bean to bar and everything in between.
From opening the bar’s sleeve to the first snap of chocolate, taste the journey.


The award-winning chocolate of Terroir (tare-wHAr) is handcrafted and blended to create a chocolate that delights all senses. We believe that the boldest of flavors come from simple, real ingredients that honor their origin and thrill the eater. Chocolate, like a fine wine or cheese is about discovery – the discovery of the land from where it came to the hands that made it just for your pure enjoyment. Chocolate should be savored and celebrated for the indulgence that it is.

While our flavors and ingredients are global, our chocolate is handcrafted in small batches nestled in Fergus Falls, the lake country of Northern Minnesota.


We are parents. We are makers. We are chocolate eaters.

I was drawn to chocolate to feed my creativity, my curiosity and my need to make. My background in pastry led me to chocolate and a lifelong journey to create the best bean to bar experience that I could. Crafting chocolate our way is about patience with the process, nurturing the ingredients and celebrating the beauty of it all.

My appreciation for food began as a child around the communal pots that the ladies tend in Cameroon, Africa. My respect for ingredients grew from my time in the French Alps. Today, my chocolate honors the hands that have touched the ingredients before they reach my Northern Minnesotan kitchen. From the cacao of the jungle to the maple syrup in the sugar shack down the road each bar has a story to tell. There is joy in discovering the flavors of a new place that can feel familiar to us.

Today, my husband and I craft chocolate that is more than a simple treat, it is an experience.

Each bar I craft has a story.

Eat chocolate,

Kristin & Josh