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Indulge in our award-winning chocolate, handcrafted with the utmost care using only organic and fair-trade cacao. We honor place by recognizing the invaluable contributions of the land and the devoted farmers who tend to it, ensuring they are fairly treated and fairly paid for their work in cultivation and conservation.

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We proudly craft our chocolate using only USDA organic certified ingredients, because for us, organic is not just a standard, it's a commitment to caring for our planet; and as we continue on our journey, we are dedicated to sourcing more local and regenerative ingredients that contribute towards a sustainable future for us all.

Why We Make Organic Chocolate

Bean To Bar

In our Northern Minnesota factory, our team comes together as true artisans of chocolate, proudly bringing the entire bean-to-bar journey to life! From receiving the beans straight from our fair trade cooperative to meticulously overseeing every aspect of the process, we passionately create our chocolate without any fillers or emulsifiers, such as soy, palm oil, or gluten.

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French Grey Sea Salt

Velvety + Sophisticated + Neighborhood Cafe

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Caramel Crack

Burnt + Sumptuous + Minnesota Sugar Shack

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Mint Mocha

Brisk + Fragant + Coffee Bistros

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Golden Milk

Exotic + soulful + cozy fireplace

From: 6.99

Almond Maple Brittle

Nutty + Hardy + Lakeside Bonfire

From: 6.99

The Story of Sted

At Sted, chocolate is not just a sweet treat but a way to connect with people and places that matter. Our award-winning chocolate bars are crafted from the finest fair trade cacao, certified USDA Organic, and free from fillers, gluten, soy, and palm oil, bringing joy to your taste buds and creating meaningful connections.

Grab a bar (or three) and celebrate life's goodness, one bite at a time!

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"These chocolate bars are one of the state's most notable artisan food products, period."

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