A delicious s'more made with Sted Foods chocolate

How to Taste with Intention

How to taste with intention:
  • The chocolate bar should be room temperature (70F) 
  • Start with the highest cacao percentage and work to the sweeter bars
  • If tasting several at one time, use a palate cleanser such as crackers, soda water, green apple, or lemon water between different bars
  • Look the color of the chocolate, is it reddish brown or dark brown?
  • Is it shiny? Are there white patches? This could indicate fat separation from the cocoa and will likely make an off-texture 
  • Break off a small piece - what do you hear? It should have a nice snap if tempered well
  • Smell the chocolate
  • Taste it - let the piece melt slowly on your tongue. What do you taste right away? What happens as it melts? What flavors linger after the chocolate is gone?
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