Sourcing our Cacao Beans

Sourcing our Cacao Beans

Cacao sourcing has been a hot topic recently. Not only for unwanted contamination, but also for its impact on the land and the surrounding communities.

To this end, we choose to partner with Rizek Cacao as our primary source for beans.

Located in the Dominican Republic, they work together with local smallholders, where 40,000 farms belong to 35,000 families.

"Today, 40 per cent of the forests consist of cacao; and most of our rivers originate in the forested highlands. In short, cacao is one of our national treasures, and it is our duty to protect it"
-Héctor José Rizek

Rizek Cacao is committed to the protection of the forests of the Dominican Republic and environmental balance as a whole.

We are proud to partner with them to bring you chocolate that highlights the deep, rich flavor that comes from the care taken with the land and the water where the beans are grown.

There are plenty of things to worry about in the world right now. We try to make sure your chocolate isn't one of them.
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