A Golden Milk White Chocolate bar from Sted Foods Chocolate

What is WHITE Chocolate?

What is WHITE chocolate?

I see this question all the time and figured it would be fun to take a quick moment to give you a little insight on white chocolate!

White chocolate is a mixture of sugar, milk powder (or milk powder alternative like coconut or oat), and cocoa butter.

What is cocoa butter? Cocoa butter is the naturally occurring oil found in the cacao bean. When a cacao bean is pressed under a lot of pressure, two substances emerge, the cocoa butter (oil) and the cocoa solids (cocoa powder).

When we make white chocolate, we use 100% pure cocoa butter. All the oil that we use is derived from the cocoa bean. So that is why our white chocolate is still chocolate.

However, some white chocolate manufacturers will substitute other vegetable oils as the fat, thus leaving a white creamy bark that doesn't have any real chocolate component remaining.

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